(Double the price of the same size with plain paper)

Thanks to our textile poster, transporting your poster will be much more comfortable. The textile poster is printed directly onto textile. The poster can be folded better without taking damage. This makes it possible to transport the poster in a rolling suitcase or similar. There is no need to carry a separate poster roll.

We recommend the following method to transport the poster as wrinkle-free as possible:

  • Fold the poster lengthwise
  • Once folded, wrap the poster with the narrower side around a piece of fabric, a roll of household paper or similar.

Care instructions: In addition to being more convenient to transport, the textile poster is also more robust than a standard poster. It is tear-resistant and can be ironed smooth again if it wrinkles:

  • Iron from the back
  • Lowest temperature
  • No steam


If you purchase the QR-Code option for CHF 4.90, your poster will be available online on the internet on our server for at least 24 months.

On the poster, the small-format QR-Code is printed minimally invasively, usually at the bottom right, and the human-readable internet address is also printed in small print.

Poster viewers can now access this information with their mobile phones:
Your QR-Code app starts and displays your PDF file of your poster stored with us.