Production hints

General recommendations

We print posters from files in PDF format. PowerPoint is also possible to a limited extent.
If in doubt, please create a PDF document and make sure that the page size is not set to A4 but according to your desired size of the poster. Also make sure that embedded bitmaps have a sufficiently large resolution (pixel mass). If you use special fonts, especially on the Mac, you should create a PDF document.

Poster sizes: Format in cm (length x width)

  • A0 = 118.9 x 84.1
  • 60 x 42 Zoll = 152.4 x 106.7 => 149 x 104  1) 2)
  • A0plus = 129.2 x 91.4
  • A1 = 84.1 x 59.4

Small formats

  • A2 = 59.4 x 42.0
  • A3 = 42.0 x 29.7

1) The paper roll width is 104 cm. Posters where the length and width exceed 104 cm cannot be printed, e.g. 120 x 150 cm. Therefore, in such a case, reduce one dimension to 104 cm.

2) Another limitation is the width of our cutting machine: A poster in landscape format that is wider than 145 cm cannot be cut in height. Consequently, its height will inevitably be 104 cm. Accordingly, a poster in portrait format that is more than 145 cm high will have a width of 104 cm. Please take this into account when creating your poster. We do not print formats smaller than A3.

Backgrounds, gradients, transparencies
If possible, use a white or light image background. Very dark colours and diagonal colour gradients (corner-to-corner)
and transparencies are printed incorrectly.


Except for Arial or Times, you should supply us with the font. To do this, activate the button Tools when saving as and select Save options and activate the checkbox Embed fonts in the file.

Grouping objects
Before transferring the print file, all groupings must be resolved and any object shifts must be corrected by the user.
Delete all objects that are not needed. There must be no empty, overlapping or out-of-page text blocks.

Page size in PowerPoint
Set the page size before building the poster. Click on Design > Page Setup and select Custom for the paper size, then enter the values. Critical limit of page size for PowerPoint 142.22 cm. Attention! If the page size exceeds 142 cm, the page must be created half as large, i.e. at a scale of 1:2.

Then select "other" under format in the order form and enter the effective desired dimensions for the poster under remarks.

Always create a text field first and write the text directly into the field. If you want to import the text from a word processing programme, select and copy the desired text and then paste it into the prepared text field! The text must remain editable within PowerPoint.

If you want to keep the proportions of the object, hold down the SHIFT key while dragging the handle.  

Design of a poster by graphic designer

For less experienced authors, it is also possible to have the poster produced in part or in full by our graphic designer. It is best to bring us all texts and graphics already in digital form (cloud, memory stick, CD-ROM or DVD).
The work is done according to an approved cost estimate.